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Opportunities: Potsdam summer school THE SKIN OF OUR PLANET – THE EARTH SURFACE SYSTEM

The deadline for submitting completed applications will be Tuesday 15th May 2018 at 23:59 UTC.

For further information, please contact angela.borowski(at)

or see the website:

The fifth Potsdam Summer School  will address the following central questions:

  • Why is the earth surface system dynamic?

  • What are the triggers for dynamic processes?

  • What are possible societal adaptation strategies for sustainable land management?

With its overarching theme – “THE SKIN OF OUR PLANET – THE EARTH SURFACE SYSTEM” – this year’s Potsdam Summer School will continue the transdisciplinary and interactive event series that has been held annually in Potsdam, Germany since 2014. The intense ten-day, multi-faceted programme will help participants to acquire transdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of the processes which are shaping the earth´s vulnerable skin – our habitat. They will be engaged in discussions and group works on these key issues.

The aim is to bring together talented early-career scientists and young professionals operating in the private sector, governmental agencies and non-governmental organisations from many different parts of the world to discuss frontier (research) questions on future sustainable development. Participants are expected to form part of a new generation of researchers and practitioners with the necessary background and tools to evaluate and mitigate the effects of present-day and future environmental change. In this context, the Potsdam Summer School provides a unique opportunity for all participants to foster international cooperation and an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. These issues span a multitude of natural and social science disciplines and invite stakeholders from the public and private sector to get involved.



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