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Early Career Seminar Series!

Updated: May 4, 2020

We want to hear all about you!

For early careers scientists conferences can be difficult to find funding for, we can feel its difficult to justify the environmental impact and under the current situation of the corona virus some of us in the global community might be finding it difficult to make travel arrangements.

So we have an idea!

We want to give early career scientists undertaking biosphere-atmosphere interaction research a platform in which they can present to the community from their own office, home or even live from the field!

We want to hear about your latest research that you have just published, or about the work you do generally, an interesting field campaign you are involved with or your opinion on being an early careers scientist! If you've got something to share with the iLEAPS community then please sign up to give a webinar!

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a presentation given over the internet, live, where other researchers can watch the presentation and after, there is generally 5-10 minutes for the viewers to send in questions for you to answer.

How do I set a webinar up?

Its easy! Get in touch with the iLEAPS team via the form here:

The iLEAPS team will help you pick a suitable date to give the webinar and guide you through the process, all online based! They will even do all the technical stuff and give you a practice run so all you need to think about on the day is giving your presentation! Just like at a conference but easier!

We will be signing up the iLEAPS committee team too for this initiative , so if we can do it, so can you! Please come and get involved! We look forward to hearing all about your research and to building our research community!

Best wishes,

The iLEAPS early career committee team



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